Patient Information


Rural Medical Services, Inc. accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Private Insurance
  • TennCare
  • CoverKids and Cover TN
  • Medicare
  • Self-Payment

For patients who are un-insured or under-insured, we offer a sliding fee discount based on household income and family size. Sliding fee applications are available from the front desk at each of our clinic sites. Proof of income is required. RMS case managers are also available to help locate other community resources that you may need. RMS has options available for you, so call regardless of your ability to pay. If you need assistance with finding insurance, RMS has trained professionals who can help you understand and apply for insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace.

After Hours Care

Our on-call provider is always available for after hours advice by calling the center and following directions in the voicemail. You can call any of the clinics and there will be information in the voicemail about how to speak with the on call provider.

How You Can Help Your Care Team Work for YOU
  • We encourage you to play an active role in planning your care. Communication is your best resource. Maintain a list of questions/concerns as they arise. You can call your clinic with these questions/concerns at any time and/or bring the list with you to each visit.
  • Always bring your medications to your visit; this reduces the chance for confusion.
  • Be sure to tell your care team when you don’t understand something; we are here for you. Ask us if there’s another way to explain it. We provide patient education and materials that help you understand your condition and care.
  • Know that you can talk openly with your care team about your needs and life situation, as well as your experience with the care team, so that we can provide the best care for YOU.
  • It is very important to let your medical team know when you visit another provider so that we can communicate with them to coordinate your care and medication appropriately. Our Patient Services Representatives can help you with documents that may be needed.
  • Follow the plan of care that you and your medical home have agreed on. If you have a question or anything changes, call. We are here for YOU.
  • Always contact us if you change your telephone number or address. It is very important that your provider is able to get in touch with you for medication changes, referral requests, lab results, or general health questions.

Last Updated on May 30, 2019.