Program Goals

  • Improve farmworkers’ access to primary and mental health care by providing support services and outreach.
  • Provide interpretation for all services provided by Rural Medical Services.
  • Provide Farmworker Field Screenings for migrant/seasonal agricultural workers.
  • Assist and monitor all OB patients and their infants in obtaining insurance.
  • Provide Prenatal Class at Newport Medical Center to orient, educate, and pre-register OB patients.
  • Implement a Promotora Program to provide peer education, referrals and advocacy to expecting mothers, agricultural workers, and community members through door-to-door outreach.
  • Life Coaches supplement the Diabetes Education Program and provide education for diabetes prevention in the community.
  • Participate in farmworker research when beneficial to the farmworker.
  • Mentor future health care workers and expose them to the farmworker/Hispanic population.

Last Updated on May 1, 2019.