Migrant Program Staff

Migrant Program Staff, starting from the left: Rosie Freeman, Karin Hoffman, Alexis Andino, Mitzi Satterfield, Matilda Hatfield, Beatriz Garcia

Rosie Freeman

Health Promoter/Diabetes Outreach

Rosie wants to help patients get their diabetes under control. She offers support and education to diabetic patients and provides preventative diabetes information in the community.

Karin Hoffman

Migrant Program Director

Karin provides leadership and manages outreach, services and programs directed toward Agricultural Workers and the Hispanic population.  She coordinates farmworker research and offers opportunities for future health care workers to work with agricultural workers and the Hispanic population.

Alexis Andino


He helps members of the community access health care and social services.  He is involved in planning and executing outreach to agricultural workers.

Mitzi Satterfield

Clerical Perinatal Outreach Worker

Mitzi is available to help individuals and families get health insurance. She does patient intake for expectant mothers and provides a prenatal class in Spanish at Newport Medical Center to orient, educate, and pre-register obstetric patients.

Matilda Hatfield

Health Promoter

Beatriz Garcia

Health Promoter

Beatriz and Matilda are Health Promoters in the community. Their role is to help people find the health and social services they need, provide health education and advocacy.  They visit the homes of patients, expectant mothers, and individuals with diabetes.

Last Updated on October 4, 2021.